Granite Cleaning

We would recommend that a neutral non alkaline cleaner for Stone & Granite is used or water both with buffing dry with a micro fibre cloth for cleaning day to day. Bleach, hard abrasive, acid or heavy alkaline products should not be used even in emergency circumstances. In the event that rinsing with water is insufficient to clean the stains, we recommend the use of a pH neutral detergent or cleaning products especially designed for the purposes of Granite maintenance.

Marble Cleaning

As with all materials we deal with we recommend to stay away from strong acids and alkaline cleaners. Clean marble with a neutral cleaner suitable for the materials or clean water. Should staining not be removed by this process, use poultices recommended for the stain in question whether it is rust, grime or possibly red wine. Once staining been removed marble can be sealed and waxed to a polished finish.

Sealing Granites

Density of granite varies to a large extent, the broad rule being that the lighter granites have less density than the darker granites. If a black granite like Indian Premium Black is used the material is so dense that even a sealer will not penetrate and we only treat with a sealer to give the material further lustre.


Templates are taken either electronically or can be made from tin, hardboard, or template paper. these are made to the exact dimensions of the worktop, or unit and then either are traced onto the material or can be sent directly to the machine for cutting.